Track 2 - The Demon Visits
(Prod. by Elijah Wilson)

A sound had me squintin in the night
Towards my far wall knowing something isnt right
Then bloop bloop, his two eyes appeared
With his dirty demon sneer, saying hey man Im hear
I went to try and pop him in his demon throat
Then he said hey Brandon dont.
Let me speak, why Im hear is pretty understandable
That demon in my vision said he had a premonition
And he could give me knowledge, the power of recognition
said I had a voice that could make the people listen
That I had a right too choice and could make my own decisions
And if I didnt choose my words right, I might
End up inside the dirt tonight, alright
I say thats great demon, but you better slow your roll
Youre over dramatic and you make the room to damn cold
But you dont gotta worry bout me,
Cause cool cool Brandon be cool like every place he be

My choices arent the greatest, but if you wanna play it back
If Im not mistaken, I have been okay in fact
My grades are good, I run with it, I may ingest some substances
And may invest my money in the dumbest shit
But you are nothing next to some demons I rumble with
In this room of squares, I provide the circumferences
You probably seen my baggage in the garbages you rummage in
Drink it down it fill it up
Mai tais at high tide
They like me from my smile
And my suit that is tye died
Im fried eyed on Friday
Both bullets are bloodshot
Bring rifle to ciphers
Leave em running from my gun shots
So you see I am okay, it dont matter what you say
Cause Brandon Daley getting happier like every single day

The demon says, HEY kid, what the fuck you talking bout
All you gots an empty wall plus some chronic cotton mouth
Now if you do not listen to my message
Youll end up getting bested when contested by opponents of respective
Ability, but your weapons are solilqueys
Sixteens, spit mean, show them who the illa be
Now go to sleep shut your eyes,
Understand and recognize
That choice is all where heaven lies
Now sleep and let the BEEP BEEP

Oh damn, my alarm clock sitting screamin
Guess I was just dreamin when taking to the demon
Life aint what it seems, a lot,
Now I gotta choose if I should go to class or not

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